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Welcome and Integration Contract

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Service CAI

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The CAI has been provided for by the Law of 16 December 2008 on the reception and integration of foreigners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its implementation was defined by the Grand Ducal Regulation of 2 September 2011.

With the CAI, the Luxembourg Government has endowed itself with an innovative tool facilitating integration in Luxembourg. Its implementation lies with the Reception and Integration Agency (OLAI), an administration under the responsibility of the Ministry of Family and Integration.

Target audience

The CAI is proposed to any foreigner of at least 16 years of age who resides legally on the territory of Luxembourg and wishes to remain on a permanent basis. It is optional and aimed as much at European Union citizens as at third country nationals, at new arrivals as well as at people who have been living in Luxembourg for many years. It is not mandatory in any way.

Services offered

  • A language training course
  • A citizenship training course
  • An orientation day.

In order for the contract to be validated by a certificate, it is essential to fulfil these three services.

The language training course will enable the signatory of the CAI to reach at least Basic User Level A.1.1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in one or more of the three administrative languages of Luxembourg – i.e. Luxembourgish, French, or German. The signatory will have the choice between the courses - authorised by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth - organised by the communes and associations, those organised by Lycées, and those organised by the National Institute for Languages / Institut national des Langues. The signatory may enrol at the discounted rate determined by the training provider.

The citizenship training course aims to provide insight on integration and on the basic conditions of a harmonious cohabitation in a plural Luxembourg as well as on the history of Luxembourg, its political organisation, and its mores and customs. Courses are organised jointly by the OLAI and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth in partnership with the communes and Lycées. 

Organised twice a year, the orientation day will take place during a half day at the weekend. It will include various partners and is aimed at enabling the signatory candidate to have better knowledge of Luxembourg's official establishments and organisations, in a friendly atmosphere.

Advantages for the signatory candidate

Signing this contract is above all a symbolic act by which the signatory candidate and the State testify to their mutual commitment to integration. There are also other advantages:

  • Language training course at a discounted rate;
  • Free citizenship training course and orientation day;
  • Exemption from the module on the history of Luxembourg and European integration, part of the civic course "Vivre ensemble au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg" ("Living together in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg") required for the acquisition of Luxembourg nationality;
  • Favourable taking into account of the completion of the CAI as proof of integration for obtaining the long-term resident status. 

Practical details

If you are interested in signing the CAI, you can contact the OLAI to make an appointment for an information session, either by phone on 247 85785, by email at: Please specify at this time if it is necessary to provide an interpreter and for which language.

On the day of the appointment, bring a valid ID card and a document attesting to the legality of your stay in Luxembourg (residence card or permit, …). Please allow for about one and a half hour for the presentation of the CAI. After this, you need to set a second Individual Administrative Appointment to determine your linguistic needs as well as other possible orientation needs.

Signatory candidates will be informed of the dates of the beginning of the services that may interest them. This information may be completed by additional information at any time. They will then receive a voucher to enrol in a language training course of their choice and a signatory card to prove registry and attendance for all the services.

For further information, please visit our website for CAI signatories: