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The European Parliament and Council Decision 1672/2006/EC of 24 October 2006 established a community programme called PROGRESS for the period 2007 to 2013.

This programme was established to financially support the implementation of the European Union’s objectives in the fields of employment and social affairs such as set out in the social agenda and thus to contribute to the realisation of the Lisbon Strategy objectives in these fields.

The 7-year programme is aimed at all the stakeholders that may contribute to shaping the evolution of appropriate, effective legislation and social and employment policies throughout the EU-27, the member countries of EFTA as well as in the candidate and pre-candidate countries to the EU.

The programme includes the following six general objectives:

  • To improve the knowledge and understanding of the situation prevailing in the Member States (and in other participating countries) through analysis, evaluation and close monitoring of policies;
  • To support the development of statistical tools and methods and common indicators, where appropriate broken down by gender and age group, in the areas covered by the programme;
  • To support and monitor the implementation of Community law, where applicable and policy objectives in the Member States, and assess their effectiveness and impact;
  • To promote networking, mutual learning, identification and dissemination of good practice and innovative approaches at the EU level;
  • To enhance the awareness of the stakeholders and the general public about the EU policies and objectives pursued under each of the 5 strands;
  • To boost the capacity of key EU networks to promote, support and further develop EU policies and objectives, where applicable.

It is a European programme in favour of employment and social solidarity launched in order to financially support the implementation of European Union objectives on matters related to employment, social affairs, and equal opportunity (aimed at racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation and age).

Within the framework of the community programme PROGRESS (2007-2013), the OLAI annually responds to a restricted tender entitled 'support for national activities' and aimed at identifying good practices in the fight against discrimination and for the promotion of equality. It is within this framework that the OLAI leads an annual national awareness–raising campaign against discrimination.

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