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European Union

Whether it be the free movement of European Union citizens within the Union or the migration of third-country nationals, the phenomenon of migration has forced the European Union to build a political framework that is adapted to changing demographic realities.

The promotion of fundamental rights, the fight against discrimination as well as the promotion of equal opportunities for all are key elements of integration.

Thus, as early as 2003, the European Union set up the Network of National Contact Points on Integration (NCPI) which brings together government representatives from the Member States in order to exchange information, elaborate the necessary tools and take note of good practices in the field of integration.

On 19 November 2004, the Justice and Home Affairs Council adopted the Common Basic Principles for the integration policy of immigrants.

In order to guarantee the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are common values shared by all the Member States, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) was set up in 2007.

The European Migration Network (EMN) was created in November 2008. It is composed of the National Contact Points and of the European Commission. Its mission is to collect, analyse, and disseminate reliable, objective and comparable data relating to asylum and immigration.