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European Migration Network

Created by Council Decision 2008/381/EC of 14 May 2008, the European Migration Network (EMN) aims to collect, analyse and disseminate data on asylum and immigration in order to provide support for the European Union's decision-making process in this area.

The EMN's goal is to provide European Union and Member States' authorities and institutions as well as the general public, with up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on asylum and migration.

The EMN consists of National Contact Points (NCPs) for each Member State and of the European Commission.

Launched in November 2008, the National Contact Point on Integration is made up of specialists with expertise in the field of migration, more particularly in immigration policies, human rights, research and statistics. The Luxembourg National Contact Point is coordinated by the University of Luxembourg. 

Since 18 December 2008, the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency has represented the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg within the EMN steering committee.

In its first year of participation, the Luxembourg NCP worked actively to produce the Annual Report on Asylum and Migration Statistics 2007.

As a country with multiple official languages, Luxembourg volunteered to translate the EMN Glossary into German and French in cooperation with the Austrian, German, Belgian and French National Contact Points, as well as to ensure the coordination of this work. The project has been largely supported by the Member States and the European Commission.

In partnership with the University of Luxembourg, the OLAI hosted the 1st conference of the Luxembourg National Contact Point on 26 November 2009. The general public was able to attend presentations on issues of immigration and integration and was introduced to the European Migration Network and its National Contact Point.