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Organisations and NGOs

Support and financing

The OLAI works closely with many foreigners' organisations as well as with organisations and NGOs working in favour of integration and/or of foreigners in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The OLAI developed a new allocation procedure for subsidies to associations, consistent with the procedure of the Ministry of Family and Integration. All grant applications will be treated in the same way according to a system of criteria and submission of a draft budget and supporting documents. You will find all the accompanying documents above.

The OLAI signs agreements or conventions to work with certain organisations or bodies and covers some of their staff and running expenses. You will find all the documents for the 2018 subsidies on this website (see under forms).

Different projects have been financed for the year 2018 (documents in French only):

Registry of organisations at the OLAI

In order to participate in the vote of foreign representatives at the National Council for Foreigners, organisations must register at the OLAI.

The following organisations can sign up:

  • organisations of foreigners that have a social, cultural or sports activity (an organisation of  foreigners is one in which the majority of present or founding members has a nationality other than Luxembourger)
  • organisations working mainly in favour of foreigners and wishing to collaborate with the OLAI either on a regular basis or on selective projects.

The above-mentioned organisations are enrolled at the OLAI in order to be able to vote at the National Council for Foreigners providing that they have been created according to the provisions of the amended Law of 21 April 1928 on non-profit organisations and foundations and that the statutes have been published according to the provisions of this same law. 

In order to register, the organisation must hand in to the OLAI:

  • an application for enrolment
  • an exemplification of the constitutive act
  • an exemplification attesting that the statutes of organisation have been published at Mémorial C (Luxembourg Registry of Companies and Organisations / 'Recueil des Sociétés et Associations')
  • the list of appointed administrators in accordance with the statutes for the current term.