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GRESIL and the National Conference on local integration

In order to share the experiences of others with all municipalities, OLAI has created, together with SYVICOL and ASTI, a platform for meetings and exchanges between municipal actors (GRESIL- Group for Exchange and Support on Integration at Local level) that promotes information sharing, networking and the exchange of best practices on integration.

GRESIL was born following the 2nd National Conference on Local Integration in 2017, organised by ASTI under the coordination of the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency (OLAI) and the Association of Luxembourg Cities and Municipalities (SYVICOL).

This 2nd National Conference underlined the strong interest in and need for Luxembourg municipalities to co-operate on themes concerning integration and living together.

You can read reports (in French) on the three previous GRESIL information sessions here:

You will find the documents created for the 2nd National Conference in February 2017 (in French) at the following links:


Map of the municipalities participating in the 2nd National Conference 2017